Have you been a sensitive and a connected human being who learns and grows from your mistakes? You make the choice that you know will truly make you happy? Or do you make decisions on impulse, or do you make decisions to be validated by someone else? That’s where most of us bugger up.

We end up taking important calls of OUR life, based on what OTHERS think / say. And then, years later, we look back and we realize, we lived a halfhearted life. We didn’t take full breaths. We breathed half way.

So humans built these institutions – school, college, careers and marriage. And they try to distract you. They try to tell you to be a certain way. They’re not wrong. They’re just too lazy to develop a relationship with themselves, so they tell you to follow patterns. Patterns that might have done well for majorities. But if you’re an anomaly to the rule, then you might be judged. Because how can you not fit in the pattern?

As I get older, I realize that there’s so many people pursuing their careers, that have sacrificed their personal life, or that are happily married but not very professionally successful. It’s disappointing to know that you don’t get everything you want.
But that’s not the saddest part, the saddest part is not knowing what you want.
Because if you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t need. And because you didn’t allow yourself to stop and think, when you were at the crossroads, you jumped into making a decision, based out of a knee jerk reaction, you didn’t take your time to be ‘’all in’’ and have your heart and soul make the call. So you didn’t do justice to yourself. So you end up messing with the balance of your soul. You end up being unhappy. Unsettled.

Even if you might have a super career, and / or if you might have all the wealth in the world and / or you might have married the best candidate for a soul mate. Something would be amiss, because you didn’t take the time to truly know what you wanted.
That’s why these cross roads are the most important junctures in your life. And it is so important to pause and take a well-rounded decision.

The bottom line is – the big word – that can make or break your life – DECISIONS.
You must never make any decision halfheartedly.

I realized a long time ago that no one will come save us, we need to save ourselves. Our friends and family can sit by our side and make us feel less lonely, but dont come to a point when you’re sitting in a room filled with people and you’re still feeling alone. This happens when you’re not happy, when something is eating you. When you regret something.

We only regret decisions/choices we never made. Let that sink in.
So every time you’re at a cross road (and this will be everyday), make sure you take your time to make a decision, and then give it your all, stick to it, remember to take deep breaths and smile when you take the leap of faith.

It’s all about a choice – so make the right one.