Point your finger: This is a cliché but the moment you point at others, don’t three fingers point to yourself? Well that’s because you have been thinking it is your birthright to go around pointing fingers at the world, blaming them, judging them – but the day you realize that you need to look at yourself first, your guards will come down and you will start minding your own business. This doesn’t at all mean that you have no opinions! Please, have as many opinions as you can, it’s healthy to dissect a situation, analyze it and have your point of view – express your pov too – observe and see others pov – but don’t harp your decision and judgement on anyone else as if it were the final say. Be flexible to leaving space for acceptance. This is maturity. If everyone started walking around pointing fingers at each other – our environment would be hostile and uncomfortable. We need to trust more. We need to have conversation because assumptions.