Unfuckwithable – the middle finger: I havint coined this term I borrowed it off the internet to explain my point. I don’t mean to show you the middle finger at all, I just want to remind you that you are not anyones punching bag, you are not a push over, you do not have to do something you don’t think is right, you don’t have to sacrifise your values for your wants, you don’t have to mix between the needs and desires, you don’t have to do anything. Take control of your life. There was a point in my life, well before I discovered chapter 1 – I was stuck in limbo, I was successful, I did everything ‘’right’’ to the T – but I felt empty – I didn’t know who I was. My best friend asked me one day how I am – and I just said ‘’meh im fine, im just going with the flow’’ – I projected such mediocrity that it annoyed her and she snapped at me, ‘’ fine is not a feeling, and only dead fish go with the flow.’’ BOOM- that hit home real hard! I had allowed everyone else to dictate how I live my life without knowing who I am and what I need. So if you’re in those shoes, please, man up, and take control of your own happiness. Happiness is your own personal responsibility. Don’t allow anyone to fuck with you.