Ring a ding: If you like it then you should put a ring on it. Marry yourself!! And Invite all your personalities for this wedding!! insert giggle here


No but seriously, do me a favour and marry yourself. Take those wovs to love and respect yourself and to be there for yourself through thick and thin. Don’t turn off the lights in your own self. Pick yourself up when you fall. I think in the journey of self discovery the best relationship I developed with was the one with myself. When I filled the void in me with love and acceptance, I healed and freed myself from my own insecurities. It was not only liberating but it made me feel whole and invincible. I was exuding confidence and contentment. The state of equanimity gave me so much peace. Only when you can truly commit to and respect your own being, your aura, your energies, your mind, your body, your soul – is when you can be in a relationship with someone else and love them unconditionally. You want to fall in love, you want someone to fall in love with you – so marry yourself, love yourself, be happy with your own self, so you can give abundance of love, support and happiness to your loved ones.