The little one: The pinky finger defines the strength in you. The wuxi finger hold! The samurais can destroy their opponent with a subtle move just focusing their energy on their pinkie finger to epitomize that we have the strength within us to defeat the opponent, overcome the obstacle and be the winners! We are born with all the strength we need, we just need to find it and develop it. It’s called will –power. Remember- If you create the negative thoughts in your mind, just remind yourself that you can uncreate those thoughts too ; substitute them with positive thoughts. Time and space has the ability to play tricks with our minds.


What can you do to destroy the demons in your own head and instead allow your positive energies and thoughts to take over and overwhelm you? -> MIND SET.

Switch your mind, upside down, inside out, and start visualizing the future to be filled with opportunities and endless possibilities.

The universe HAS abundance to give you, all you have to do is, see it. First in your head, and then in reality.

Spend more time doing that, and every time you catch yourself thinking negatively just remind yourself  ”This is such a waste of my time”.