Dear darling

I know times get rough and sometimes you forget why you woke up. I know that everything around you doesn’t always go your way. I know between out of all the strange faces around you, it is never easy to distinguish your friends. I know heartaches and pain are a part of the way. But do you know that everything you now possess is only with you for a temporary amount of time until it gives you all the happiness it can? Do you know that the light of morning decomposes everything? Do you know that there is a reason for everything, and everything is in its right place? It’s a law. It is karma. It’s a secret.

Don’t you want to hang in there to see how good life could be? Or do you want to give up and never know what could have happened. Not knowing would hurt a 1000 daggers more than suffering the pain. All the hopes and desires locked deep inside you, what are you so scared of? Are you afraid of really wanting what you want? Who ever told you its not okay to hope and wish?

But this means being the good person that you are, even with the dirt around you, you need to continue being the lotus flower in the pond, even if it hurts and even if it aches, but it’s who you are. Stay true to yourself. This world needs authentic people. The world needs real people. Inspire everyone with your genuine heart. Even if you wear it on your sleeve, i’d say show it off!

Bottom line is – don’t let the world change you. Don’t forget who you are, because you’re better off being yourself than anyone or anything else. Stop running away. Stop hiding. Stop, and absorb all the good around you, take the good from whatever you can,whatever you possess at the moment, and use it to get through today. Find the good in everything. 

There’s a rumor out there, someone is changing the way we feel, and what we believe in. Let’s save our souls, and not let them win. Let’s become alive with every second that is passing by. Let’s breathe the fresh air, and see the blue sky. Let’s not succumb to worldly pressure. Because it’s not worth it. It’s making you weaker and it’s not supposed to get you down. Remember this- that we are all physically and mentally tuned to deal with hardships. WE are unbelievably  powerful.

When you lose someone special,  when you fall ill, move away from home, face struggling times at work, an unhappy marriage, fight with someone you love, misbehave with the ones that love you, taking things for granted.. Such are hardships that can be battled against. All you need to do is work your way through it. There is always a solution for every problem. You think it’s happening only with you, but think again, because it’s happening with everyone around you too. You are not alone.


No one is 100% content and happy. Everyone has something and yet they want something else. It’s the game of life.

It’s a vicious circle. The grass is always green on the other side, but have you bothered taking a look at the grass that you are standing on?

Do we have the time to just look what is under our feet, and how green our grass is?

You are a beautiful flower and I just want to save you, because I love you. Your beauty should not dwindle away. There is no easier way, there never was. There are no time machines, and there are no reverse buttons.

So grab the bull by it’s horns.With a smile.

Don’t be lost, don’t be confused, don’t be scared. You are beautiful and you deserve to make yourself happy. You must be gratified to be here, to have whatever you have. You will find a way around whatever obstacle life throws at you, you will always see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will always find your way home. You don’t need anyone to validate you or approve you. Stay true to yourself and your karma and the you will continue to be protected. I promise.


The Universe